Art and Pumpkins

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I love art. I love looking at it, I love creating it. I give the credit for my love of art to my Grandma. Because of her I went on and got my Graphic Design Degree, and also just found a passion for it. Not only did my grandma create things, but for any, and I mean ANY holiday, she would create things for the day.

For groundhogs day she painted a sweatshirt with a cute little groundhog peaking his head out of the ground. For Christmas she would paint shirts, sweatshirts to wear often, and, would a lot of times, add lights. When her or my mom had a cast, which was weirdly often, she would paint their casts with fun things. So much so I tried to break my arm several times just so I could have a fun cast. Sad twist of events, I got a cast 3 months after she passed away . . . anyways not the point, but bummer.

I have more recently discovered that I have that same passion. I have painted shirts for Arwen to wear, but so far nothing with a groundhog. This Fall I have wanted to paint a lot of decor for fall, while eating pumpkin everything, and it’s so much fun, and I wanted to get Arwen in on the fun. She also loves art, but she is four and projects last five minutes. I found the cutest pumpkin patch craft (featured in the picture), we sat down to do it, and of course, it didn’t turn out like the image.

I am not a perfectionist, but I did catch myself trying to direct the craft a bit more so it would be perfect. I am happy to say I caught myself very quickly and sang “Let It Go” in my head, or out-loud, it doesn’t matter. The point is to have fun and do things together, even if it isn’t Pintrest perfect. I adore that she loves art, and I want to make sure I can make it fun for her, just like my grandma did for me.

I am hanging it up, and it will be part of our decor. Arwen loved it and I think it is adorable, plus, so much fun!

How to do this craft

Use whatever paper you want, dip one finger into the orange paint, and then on to the paper.  Let the paint dry, and draw green vines and leaves over each orange circle (our blobs), then you have a fun fall craft 🙂


Arwen The Independent One

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Arwen the wonderful, sweet, sassy girl. If I am going to be real open, this season has been the hardest so far, but at the same time one of the best. It’s hard because she is making it clear that she is her own person, and she can do EVERYTHING on her own. I hate to tell her, but she is really just a tiny version of me, but she will learn that with time.
It’s also hard because not only does she think she can do everything on her own, she fights us on everything. When I say hard, I just mean tiring, because everything is a learning lesson, for both her and us. Really I guess that is just parenting.
It is also one of the best seasons, because she thinks she can do everything, so we get to watch her try, and a lot of times do new things and succeed, while other times she learns she still needs help and it is humbling for both of us. I mean we are preparing her to be an adult so she needs to learn, and I’m glad we get to watch her try. She is so independent and although we are tired, we see the wonderful leadership qualities she has, like how she has confidence in herself, and probably more than I have even now. I love seeing her grow, watching her try and succeed and learn from her failures, and encouraging her not to give up.

With all that said, the one area that we pretty much let her have full reign in (unless she has school, since princess dresses are frowned upon I’m sure), is we let her dress herself and we let her take control of that. It is so much fun. I actually just got back from a meeting where she got to come with me and did she have a regular dress on? Nope, she had a Belle ball gown on. That thing is a pain when you are trying to buckle a carseat…FYI. When we go to church she is constantly in something bold and awesome. This past weekend we had our Family Service, which means the kids get to be in service with us. Arwen was up front dancing with her best friend during worship and got to help her god father with doing a demonstration during his teaching. Now, we didn’t actually know when we came to church she would be doing any of that, or we may have encouraged her to wear something less flashy, but none the less, Arwen was princes Elena for the evening.

This just doesn’t seem like a battle worth fighting and I think it is wonderful to allow her to show her independence and personality through her clothes. In all honesty, I kind of want to dress up too from time to time and maybe I will. I just don’t think people will feel it’s as cute.

This is a hard season, but like I said a wonderful one, and I so enjoy watching her grow and become her own person. Even when she is in her princess outfits, if you call her by the princess name she will correct you and say “No, I’m Arwen and I am just dressed up like . . . ” I love that even with a costume on she is still her and she knows who she is. I pray we can encourage that more and more as she grows.

What where somethings you “let go of” so your kids could show their independence?

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New Feature About Moms I Love…Coming Soon!

Being a mother is about learning about


Starting very soon, I am going to be featuring a mom that I personally look up to and feel deserves for the world (or those who read my blog) to know about!
I have found myself looking up to moms and “taking” notes on how they raise their kids since I was in high school, not because I wanted to be a mom, but because I was curious. My up bringing was definitely not traditional and there were lots of things that happened to me or around me that no kid should experience. At age 14 I was placed in foster care and separated from my mom.  It was a tough season, but I am so thankful for where I am today after going through all of that and now that I am a mom, I still love looking at moms and watching them. Not in a creepy way (well maybe, but not on purpose), and not to judge, but to learn and be encouraged, or, I hope, even an encouragement to other moms.
I have an awesome husband and getting married was something I never envisioned for myself. Once I meet Chris, getting married was the best and easiest choice of my life.  Now, becoming a mom was not so easy.  I didn’t really know if I wanted to be a mom.  I just felt clueless and very scared, which any mom does.  After seven years of marriage and through so much healing, I MEANS SO MUCH, I felt like I could be a mom, and that was also one of the best choices of my life, because I can’t imagine our life without Arwen in it.  As soon as she came into the world if felt like our life started.
Because of growing up without a lot of great examples of parenting, there were so many things that I felt scared about, on top of normal first mom fears.  There have been fears and anxieties of things I didn’t realize would emotionally come up. Things like when I am in the bathroom and shut the door for privacy for 2 minutes, and Arwen is sobbing “I need you, I don’t want to be alone.” I have to fight tears, because I would say the same exact thing, but for some darker reasons.  I have to fight myself and remind myself, asking for privacy while I use the restroom is not bad. So, I looked, and still look to other moms for guidance, and I am so thankful for the moms and people I have in my life.  Even my own mom, with our relationship being mended, has taught me a lot as Arwen grows.  So with all of that said, I am excited to start featuring moms who have brought joy to my life, and hopefully will to yours, by getting to “know” them.
Are there people who you have looked up to while trying to do this thing called parenting?