I’m a Mess

This post has actually been inspired by one of my friends that I see every Saturday at church and that I adore. Everytime she sees me she says “you always look so put together. ” She has said in passing while joking that it makes her feel bad, or that she doesn’t get how I look so put together with having two kids. I laugh everytime she says this, and I tell her I will send her pictures of what I look like the other 6 days of the week. Her comment got me thinking though, and one goal of mine as I adventure into blogging is to also be real. I love to share how cute and awesome my kids are, but I also want to share about the gritty stuff. So I guess you can say this post is me keeping my word.

If you look in this picture you will notice that I am still in my PJ’s holding a coffee cup, that’s fine and all…this was at 4:45pm. I’m rocking my Harry Potter shirt (I a hufflepuff if you were wondering), with spit up on my shoulder, coffee that I spilled on the front of myself, unwashed hair, my headband is inside out, and the coffee I am holding is cold.

Not pictured is my son just in his diaper, and my daughter who has changed her clothes for the 45th time today, and things thrown about. Thrown about I tell you!

This is usually what I’m rocking, although I do go crazy and change up my PJs, you know to keep things exciting.

I look “put together ” on Saturdays (and honestly I try on Friday’s for date night with my love, but he usually gets the unshowered meesyier version of me being “put together”), but I clean up well because my wonderful husband is home and he watches the kids so I can have some time, and I really just like to do my makeup and my hair (if I have time) because it makes me feel good. I have also had days where I rather take a nap so I go to church in workout clothes.

I am all for keeping it real, and although at times I clean up nicely, that is not a fair representation of my day to day. I love my day to day, spit up, cold coffee covered shirt and all, but I do like to clean up once in awhile as well.

I just want to encourage everyone who feels like they look at someone and they feel they have it all together, more than likely they do NOT. Social media doesn’t do us any favors. I was getting so overwhelmed once by all the happy mom photos, that I had to text a friend and ask if they ever get frustrated with their kids, or am I just awful? She assured me, we all struggle.

One moto, sadly I didn’t know it was a moto until Arwen kept copying me this week and saying it to me, is “I’m a mess.” That’s not even talking about my appearance, that’s about how I dropped food everywhere, stubbed my toe, or whatever other thing occurs.

In it all, I love my messy bun, cold coffee, spit covered life…with mascara 😉


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