Glitter In The Ashes

Bio: Let me start off with some fun or weird facts about myself. Okay, lets be real, they are weird. I was born on the floor of the Orange County Register Bathroom. Following with my start, it may have been a good story to have my kids somewhere a bit odd, but I was boring and had them in the hospital. My final two facts are not as adventurous, but nonetheless, I will share. I have thumbs that look like toes, and I cannot stand velvet, unless its red velvet cupcakes. Besides those "fun" facts, some of the more important things about me are I am a wife and a mom of a spunky, fun, 5 year old, and a sweet 2 month old. I try to find the comedy of raising an infant and a 5 year old, with my husband of 12 years. I'm trying to learn how to be a healthy mom, let alone a healthy person. My upbringing was a bit crazy, and to sum it up, I was taken out of my moms care when I was 13, so needless to say I have had stuff to work on. So with that, learning how to parent, which is a challenge for anyone, has been such an adventure with a ton of ups and downs. I hope to share hope, laughter, and encouragement with this blog. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Ahhh sweet sister, we all struggle as parents…even if we were given good examples. Leaning on God for strength and guidance and giving yourself a bit of grace in the process is key. Love them with all your heart and just be there. Thanks for the follow, we pray that you may find a little bit of wisdom in our daily struggles πŸ™‚

  2. Side/Dishes

    Thanks for following my blog, Side/Dishes – my wife and I are raising our 2 year old, and frequently have no idea what we’re doing. πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for more madcap results!

      1. You’re welcome! You don’t need to do anything. But if you want to participate, you can copy and paste the award logo and rules, and nominate some blogs. It’s up to you, no pressure! Take care! 😊

  3. A Mother of All Trades

    Hi there! I really enjoy reading your blog and I have nominated you for the Leibster Award. For the Official Rules please visit my page at https://amotherofalltrades.com, where you can also find your nomination! If you have any questions on how to add the links for others, or any other questions on the award feel free to contact me. I was a little confused at first so no worries!



  4. Enjoy your daughter now…and always. Don ‘t believe what you might hear about the “Terrible Twos”. Toddlers reach a point where they know what they want, and what they need. But, at that age, they just don’t have the verbal skills to let you know.

    Over time, as she grows, you will progress through various stages. She will spend a full day at school, find interest in a sport, skill or hobby and begin to go out on her own. Then the sleep-overs, driving, dating, etc. Through it all, just remember that she will learn more from her own decisions, her own mistakes, then if you make them for her.

    Our daughter, husband and three year-old grandson moved back for her job recently. We are happy as can be with the little guy near us. But, we are equally happy seeing how our “baby daughter” turned out…as a wife, mother and independent woman.

    1. Thank you so much for all of this! I am actually reading a book right now that encourages you to allow your kids to make their mistakes, and how to let the natural consequences of life to teach them. Each stage with her so far has been so amazing.

  5. Thanks so much for following my blog! I believe you make 355 and I find that very exciting! I have read a bit of your blog and applaud you for you honesty and bravery in sharing your story. I have been learning how to share mine. I want to dig deeper and begin to expose and share more as you are doing. You are an inspiration. πŸ™‚ Sending peace to you.

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  7. Payal Ingole

    Thank you for following my blog and i enjoyed reading your stories too. love the name of your blog πŸ™‚

  8. As a grandparent, watching Henry’s mom (our daughter) and husband raise him, we understand, perhaps from a distance, what you are going through. As long as you apply Love, Attention and Care, everything else is trivial. And be sure to speak frequently to, and around, young children. Even infants, I am told, will help your child(ren)’s brain development. By far, Nature’s Maternal Instinct will be the only advice you will need. And, enjoy them when they are young!

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